Commission and contact information:
Choose a favorite photo of your beloved pet - any creature, big or small.  Painting an exact likeness on stretched canvas, acrylics tend to be my frequent choice of medium as I enjoy the clean and pure integrity of their colors.  I do however, also work in oils and draw in pencil.

Please contact me below, regarding size preference and pricing, depending upon the medium of choice.

* Prices may increase depending upon the complexity of the background, the addition of another pet or person.

**Before beginning your commission, I request a deposit of 50% of the full price.

***The window of time to complete a painting ranges from 4 weeks minimum to between 6 to 14 weeks maximum.

If interested, feel free to email me or call and I can set up a time for us to meet.  Bring your favorite photo image so that I may evaluate it. The photo need not be large - a snapshot will do, but it should capture the character and qualities you most adore in your pet. 

Note: I also paint other subjects which include beloved ones of the human variety.

Questions? Send an email to:  Note: Add nellisart in subject line.
Cell phone: 650-759-8298