A Bit About Me:

A native of New York’s Hudson River Valley, I grew up with its dramatically changing seasons. One of my first paintings was meant to depict a tree, bursting with brilliant red and gold foliage. To the educated eye it must have looked more like a species of sea hydra.

Early on, the 1953 B-movie, 'Cat-Women of the Moon,' inspired me in the only way a good old-fashioned Hollywood science fiction movie could, being at an age where I was impressed with the mystique of the unknown as well as being taken in by the cheesy glamor of the Cat-Women. Their black leotards with their white bibs and hair done up in buns with vampy widows peaks - all of it mesmerized me.  Elmer Bernstein's music only enhanced my fixation, with his seductive flute and string pieces. I cannot even fathom how many drawings I created, all sinuous versions of the Cat-Women with emphasis on their hairdos and big white bibs.

While living in the California Bay Area years later, my inspirations continue, from whimsical rabbits to seascapes and beyond. As an adult, I continue to be swept away by whatever enchants my eye.

 Nancy A. Ellis